IKO Organic Shingle Class Action

Canadian IKO Organic Shingle Class Action Settlement

All approved claims that were submitted after April 11, 2018 will be sent payment after the final claims deadline of December 31, 2023. Payments will be sent in 2024, an exact date has not been set at this time. Please check here for distribution updates after the claims deadline.

IKO and the Plaintiff (on behalf of the Class) have agreed to settle the Canadian class action relating to alleged defects in IKO Organic Shingles.  As part of the settlement, IKO paid $7.5 million for the benefit of Class Members. The settlement represents a voluntary resolution of claims. IKO does not admit any wrongdoing or liability.

The settlement does NOT affect persons with IKO fiberglass shingles (some of which have been sold under the same brand names as IKO Organic Shingles).

The availability of Settlement Benefits are completely separate from the benefits available pursuant to the IKO Warranty Claims Process and are administered by an independent third party Claims Administrator.

Who can apply to receive Settlement Benefits?

Generally speaking, you are eligible for Settlement Benefits if you: (i) are a member of the Class; (ii) submit a timely claim; (iii) have an approved warranty claim; and (iv) did not receive IKO’s “Iron Clad” warranty benefits.  In limited circumstances, you may also be eligible for Settlement Benefits if your warranty claim was denied.  Click here for more information.

How do I apply to receive Settlement Benefits?

Class Members who wish to apply to receive Settlement Benefits must submit a claim. 

Click here to submit a claim.

What is the deadline for applying to receive Settlement Benefits?

Class Members who received an IKO Offer/Release dated on or before February 11, 2018 or who are claiming based on a warranty denied prior to May 28, 2016, the deadline to submit a claim was April 11, 2018.

Class Members who:

must submit a claim within 60 days after the date of the IKO Offer/Release (or, for subsequent owners, 60 days from  the notice of denial). This deadline applies regardless of when you sign the release back to IKO.

The claims process closes on December 31, 2023.

Class Members who received an IKO Offer/Release dated on or after December 11, 2017 will not be required to elect between receiving warranty benefits and participating in the class action.  Any warranty benefits received will be in addition to any Settlement Benefits received.

All other claims not addressed above are released by the Settlement.


Answers to questions about eligibility are available here.

Answers to questions about the allocation of the settlement funds are available here. As per the settlement agreement, the claims administrator has requested a Court Order approving the initial payment. Settlement benefits will be distributed to approved class members upon receipt of this Order.

Answers to general questions are available here.

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Please do not contact IKO with questions regarding the administration of Settlement Benefits as the Claims Administrator, not IKO, is responsible for administering Settlement Benefits.